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I need some questions answered
According to Heidegger, what causes guilt
what is the threefold structure of Dasein
What does the event of death reveal to humans about themselves

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Dear Kim,
The three fold structure of Dasein lies
in "moment-focused refection." See Metaphysical
Foundations of Logic, p. 8 footnote (1) The
"moment-focused reflections" are constituted
of a special rendering of time, "the present
in the existential sense," see Basic Problems
of Phenomenology, p. 265-68.
What is the upshot of all of this?
The three "temporal ecstases" are the present
past and future in which Dasein always fluxes.
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Originally posted by Kim:
What does the event of death reveal to humans about themselves

Hello Kim,
The event of death is first and foremost sort of a limit towards which life goes. And because of that "deadline", it is life itself which becomes tangible. The meaning of life is revealed thanks to its counterpart, death. But this is not only Heidegger. This refers to Homer and the Odysseus. When Circee offers Ulysis immortality, he replies that death does give the mortals all the meaning of life.
Hope this can be useful !
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My thinking with your second question is this: the event of death brings humans to confront and work inside a framework of the finite.

In the finite, the presence of the delicious-concerned-conscious-Dasein, i think, can be made more accessible for humans.

In contrast, when working inside the idea of infinity, re-incarnation, life-after-death, it has occurred for me that the access of the delicious-concerned-conscious-Dasein is much more difficult to unfold and presence.

Inside the parameters set forth by one's biological clock, the game of life; the work of life; the fulfillment of life; the thrill of being alive occur as more available and accessible.

The ultimate paradox: One has to accept the eventual event of one's death, in order to present the deep joy for being alive.
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