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Hallo dear readers,
I wonder if there can be made links concerning Machenschaft to our present time. Do you see any possible connection to the world today? The word Machenschaft was "made" by Heidegger in the years 30. This was the time of the rising nazism. So, our time of democracy is much different. But still there is a possibility of connections. I like to rad tou on this subject. I myself think, that there could be a pipeline view today, which is the same as in these years.
Thanks for answering. Whish you all teh best by reading Heidegger, the deepest thinker of the last century.
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I think there is a connection between the concept of Machenschaft and the concept of Machbarkeit of the society as Marxists and Socialdemocrats has postulated it. And I think there is a link to the concept of information handling of the politic media as postulated by Chompsky and McLuhan. In 1969 Marshall McLuhan observed that ''today we live invested with an electric information environment that is quite as imperceptible to us as water is to a fish.'' He was convinced that the new electronic media shape not only the information they convey but also our very consciousness and that in order to actually perceive this a counter environment is needed.

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